Hi, foilks!

After being absent for a while, it's a pleasure to write here again. Now I have a recommendation for you all. It was recently launched a book on Canadian silent film star Mary Pickford called "Mary Pickford, Queen of the Movies" by Christel Schmidt. It´s a well-researched book and with many beautiful pictures of this remarkable and intelligent actress. After all, Mary Pickford is much more than "the girl with the curls", she was also an astute businesswoman, intelligent, who was never intimadated by sexism. If anyone represented women in Hollywood with competence, class and dignity, it was Mary Pickford.

So, to get to know more about the book, here you have some links.

1. To buy the book through Amazon:

2. You can also take a look and of course like the page of the book on Facebook, made by the author:

3. Here you have a post on Silent Beauties Tumblr showing a big picture of the beautiful cover of the book. And, believe me, there is much more beautiful stuff inside the book:

4. Queen of the Movies is also on Twitter:

5. Last, but not least, here you have one of most beautiful Tumblrs exclusively dedicated to Mary Pickford:
Poor Little Rich Girl (The) - Maurice Tourneur - 1917

Mary Pickford in The Poor Little Rich Girl, directed by Maurice Tourneur - 1917