Cafe Elektric - Silent Movie (A) 1927 with Marlene DietrichClara BowGerhard Gruber - Silent Movie Pianist
Gerhard Gruber performing in IndiaGerhard Gruber performing in Los AngelesMary Pickford: Queen of the Movies
Moon of Israel - Silent Movie (1924)Nosferatu - Silent Movie (1922)Silent Films, Modern Times and Morality
Silent Movie WikiSodom and Gomorrha - Silent Movie (1922)Some useful and interesting links related to the silent era
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File:CE-GG-NCPA.jpegFile:CafeElektric-Foto.jpgFile:Charles Buddy Rogers and Clara Bow Wings.jpg
File:Clara Bow And Husband Rex Bell Open The ‘It’ Cafe on Vine Street near Hollywood Blvd. Los Angeles CA.jpgFile:Clara Bow at three with a Teddy bear..pngFile:Clara Bow gets her makeup done by Max Factor - Around late 1920s.jpg
File:Clara Bow winking, circa 1950. Rare image of an “older” Clara around age 45..jpgFile:EdLauter1aa.jpgFile:EdLauter1ab.jpg
File:Etude 1908-10.jpgFile:Example.jpgFile:Faa sodom tempelbau.jpg
File:Forum new.gifFile:Gerhard-Gruber-India-Silent-Movie-2012.jpegFile:Gerhard Gruber - silent movie pianist.jpg
File:Harold-lloyd-in-safety-last1.jpgFile:Holly-Woodlawn-Gerhard-Gruber.jpgFile:LA Jewish Film Festival 2012 - Moon of Israel - Gerhard Gruber
File:Ladies' Home Journal 1897-02.jpgFile:Ladies' Home Journal 1899-12.jpgFile:Ladies' Home Journal 1907-03.jpg
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File:MotionPicture1212 0018.jpgFile:NCPA-Vorschau.JPGFile:NCPA-Zeitung1.JPG
File:Nosferatu-letter3.jpgFile:Nosferatu44a.jpgFile:Nosferatu - Original Film Location
File:Nosferatu - film location 1922-2004File:Nosferatu A.jpgFile:Orava-Hrad.jpg
File:P1030908.jpgFile:Poor Little Rich Girl (The) - Maurice Tourneur - 1917.jpgFile:Q1030027.JPG
File:R1030402.JPGFile:Saban-GG1.jpgFile:Silent Movie "Cafe Elektric" - music by Gerhard Gruber - part 1
File:Silent Movie - Stummfilm - Film Muet - "Cafe Elektric" - music by Gerhard Gruber - part 5File:Silent Movie Stummfilm Film Muet "Cafe Elektric" - silentmovie-music by Gerhard Gruber - part 1File:Silent Movie Stummfilm Film Muet - Cafe Elektric - silentmovie - music by Gerhard Gruber - part 2
File:Silent Movie Stummfilm film muet- Cafe Elektric - music by Gerhard Gruber - part 3File:Sodom&Gomorrha2.jpgFile:Sodom&gomorrha1.jpg
File:The gay shoe clerk 1903 (1).jpgFile:Ver legenda.jpgFile:Visitenkarte-GG-Klavier.jpg
File:Wiki-backgroundFile:Wiki-wordmark.pngFile:Wings was the first film, and the only silent film, to win the Academy Award for Best Picture. Wings stars Clara Bow, Charles Buddy Rogers, and Richard Arlen..jpg

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