Gerhard Gruber performing in Los Angeles, May 2012

Aero-GG Kopie

Gerhard Gruber performing at the Aero Theatre, Los Angeles


Gerhard Gruber performing at the LA Jewish Film Festival

Silent Movie Pianist Gerhard Gruber (Austria) was invited by the "Los Angeles Jewish Film Festival" to perform "Moon of Israel", directed by Michael Curtiz, at the "Saban Theatre". Thanks to Hilary Helstein for inviting me. This performance has been supported by the Austrian General Consulate in Los Angeles - thanks to Andreas Lins.

"American Cinematheque" brought Gerhard Gruber to the "Aero Theatre" for playing "Cafe Elektric" as a tribute to Marlene Dietrich (20th anniversary of her death on May 6).
Thanks to the "American Cinematheque" for inviting me (Gwen and Beth), to Don and Sandy for their warmhearted hospitality, and to the Filmarchive Austria (Ernst Kieninger) for support.
American Cinematheque

on YouTube Silent Movie


Gerhard Gruber performing at the Aero Theatre, Los Angeles

Aero-Gerhard Gruber

Aero Theatre, Los Angeles (American Cinematheque)


Gerhard Gruber in front of Saban Theatre


Ed Lauter (actor in "The Artist") presents Gerhard Gruber and "Moon of Israel" at the LA Jewish Film Festival


Gerhard Gruber meeting Holly Woodlawn, Andy Warhol Superstar

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